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Installation „Dreams come true“


Sculpture of playing hands as an expression of childrens’ creativity

On 26 June 2014 the installation ”Dreams come true“ by the renowned sculptor Lorenzo Quinn will be revealed in Fuerth-Burgfarrnbach. Placed in the centre of a roundabout in Bernbacher Strasse, the sculpture shows two oversize child’s hands made of aluminium, playing with construction vehicles and figures. The sculpture is a donation by the toy manufacturer BRUDER Spielwaren GmbH + Co. KG to the City of Fuerth. Models and scene were inspired by the creative role play with toys from BRUDER which has its company headquarter nearby.

The power of imagination and the freedom of creativity characterise the giant aluminium hands which dominate the latest work of the renowned sculptor Lorenzo Quinn (Barcelona). The hands are those of a playing child who gets immersed in the colourful playworld of building and constructing with excavator, dumpster and construction workers. This is why 1966-born Quinn, the fifth son of actor Anthony Quinn, has chosen the title ”Dreams come true“ for the 16 metres long and 3 metres high sculpture which in future will enhance the public space in Fuerth’s Burgfarrnbach district – in direct neighbourhood to BRUDER’s company headquarters.

Heinz Bruder, the senior partner, and his son Paul Heinz Bruder, the managing partner of the BRUDER Spielwaren company founded in 1926, commissioned the sculpture and are now going to donate it to the City of Fuerth to serve as an artistic beacon in the streetscape of Burgfarrnbach. Burgfarrnbach will thus become the latest location for one of Lorenzo Quinn’s works which are on display in major cities of the UK, Spain and Italy, and also in Arab countries. Clients of the sculptor include the United Natio¬ns (“Tree of Life“) and the Vatican (“St. Anthony“). Besides solo exhibitions in international art galleries and their presence at art fairs, Quinn’s works were also on display in 2010 at the first Biennale for Sculpture in Rome (”Biennale di Scultura“).

An admirer of Lorenzo Quinn’s work, Paul Heinz Bruder two years ago contacted the Italian-born artist and together with him developed the idea for ”Dreams come true“. The company owners were excited by the playing hands having such formative role in the sculpture: “After all, imaginative and creative playing is about grasping the world – in a literal sense“, says Bruder. Besides the message of the large sculpture, the artist’s international background, his open-mindedness and the esteem his work enjoys all over the world were important factors for the donators of the sculpture which cost about 350,000 Euro: ”After all, children play and dream in the same way all over the world. With their enthusiasm they are the ideal ambassadors for the mutual understanding and the future of mankind“.

Hands are a leitmotif in the work of Lorenzo Quinn who grew up in the United States and now lives with his family in Spain: realised in the trees of life with a crown formed by two hands, or in the variations on love and relationship in various materials. Over and over again Quinn’s sculptures illustrate that hands are man’s interface with their world: an instrument with which one feels and grasps, and makes contact through gestures and touch. “Dreams come true“ also follows this leitmotif: the child’s hands in this sculpture are ‘directors’ of the playworld, giving the imaginary girl or boy haptic feedback on the progress of the role play, on the form and material of the miniature world.

The hands for the Fuerth sculpture are made of an advanced cast aluminium material with a brushed surface, formed in an old-master style. In this combination the sculptor who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in New York, once again demonstrates his open-mindedness for a great variety of styles, and his admiration of artists like Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin. The play scene as the second highlight of the installation was inspired by construction vehicles from BRUDER’s Pro Series (a JBC Micro Excavator and a JBC Dumpster) with matching construction workers from the bworld Series. For the sculpture Lorenzo Quinn translated the classical 1:16 scale into life-size: the sculptured construction workers, who are a familiar sight for children all over the world, are 1.80 metres tall, while the construction vehicles are originals from JCB which were modified for the permanent installation in public space.
Lorenzo Quinn has already experimented with the exciting contrast of oversize metal sculpture hands and original iconic vehicles in several works, including ”Vroom vroom“ with a Fiat 500 and ”Dolce Vita“ with a Vespa scooter. With “Dreams come true“ Quinn, who has three sons, created a thrilling document of the enthusiasm which may grow from playing with all types of realistic miniature commercial vehicles. At the same time the sculpture combines Quinn’s artistic expression with the values of the Franconian toy manufacturer – and with its great expertise in the design of realistic toys.

The intelligent play with arts and brands has a long tradition in industrial history – from Gerry Judah’s car sculptures for the “Goodwood Festival of Speed“, to the art collections of companies. With “Dreams Come True“ BRUDER Spielwaren adds a refreshingly playful chapter to this segment of the modern art scene.

BRUDER Spielwaren GmbH + Co.KG, Bernbacher Str. 94-98, 90768 Fuerth-Burgfarrnbach, Germany, Tel. 0911-75209-0,



f.l.t.r.: Künstler Lorenzo Quinn; Frau Elfriede Bruder; Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Fürth Dr. Thomas Jung; Seniorchef BRUDER Spielwaren Heinz Bruder; geschäftsführender Gesellschafter BRUDER Spielwaren Dipl. Ing. (FH) Paul Heinz Bruder

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