General instructions ­ for use of BRUDER toy vehicles

Dear customer,

We are pleased that you have decided to purchase one of our BRUDER toys. Please read our instructions for use and keep them together with your proof of purchase.

The packaging material (especially plastic bags, fastening elements, etc.) must not be left to children and must be disposed of.

Please also observe the enclosed operating instructions.

Instructions for use for our product series for children under 3 years

ATTENTION Risk of injury - it is the responsibility of parents to observe the following points!

  • Damaged toys must not be used any further.
  • For hygienic reasons, tanks and filling containers should only be filled with water and emptied completely after use.
  • The following applies to water toys (boats, ships, etc.): Attention! Only use in shallow water under adult supervision. Danger of drowning.
  • Vehicles may not be used as ride-on vehicles.

To ensure that your child enjoys our articles for as long as possible, we ask you to observe the following instructions:

  • Do not expose the toys to strong heat sources (heating, cars, etc.) and permanent weathering (UV radiation, frost, etc.).
  • In case of impurities such as sand, earth, etc., first remove electronic components, if present, and then clean the vehicles with water or remove more severe soiling with soap and lukewarm water. Rinse joints and moving parts while moving with running water. Do not use harsh or solvent-containing cleaning agents and do not use steam jets or high-pressure cleaners.
  • After playing, clean the toys and store them in a place protected from the weather.

Technical and colour changes reserved.