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Spare parts

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing a vehicle from our wide selection of products.

All products are made following the strictest quality standards. Since we use only the highest quality materials, our products are particularly durable. Should, nonetheless, a vehicle become damaged or lost, the issue can, in most cases, be resolved and the vehicle made fully functional again by installing replacement parts (professional and Roadmax series). To ensure the article you purchased lasts for a long time, please follow the General Instructions for Use provided by BRUDER Spielfahrzeuge.

Please note that all repairs on the articles should be performed by adults or under the supervision of adults to ensure the article will function properly and prevent the safety of the toy from becoming affected.

All repairs should be exercised carefully at all time. Especially tools have to be used away from the body to prevent any kind of injuries.

Spare parts search

Option 1: direct search

Use this option to enter a search term and look for the desired spare part set.
Do you know the article number of the spare part set of the defective article?
You can directly enter this number here.

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Option 2: product finder

You can use the product finder to describe the defective article and access all spare part sets available for this article.

Note: the list will only contain articles for which spare part sets are available.

Method of payment

Please settle the invoice enclosed with your spare parts upon delivery (including a reference to the invoice number) by wire transfer to the following account:
BRUDER Spielwaren
Postbank Nürnberg
IBAN: DE 6276 0100 8500 0773 2851

You are welcome to submit your spare part requests to:

Phone: 0911 - 75 209 230
Telefax: 0911 - 75 209 229

Saving resources by handling high-quality products with care - an important effort to protect the environment that is also supported by our spare part services.
We hope that you and your children will be enjoying our BRUDER toys for a very long time.

BRUDER Spielwaren GmbH + Co. KG
Customer service department

Postcode 190164
Tel: +49 911 75209-230

D-90730 Fürth
Fax: +49 911 75209-229